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Welcome to Meadowsweet Chiropractic

Our priority is to provide professional, unrushed patient-focussed care in a family friendly environment. Focusing on what you want to achieve whether that is pain relief, maintaining your strength and health or improving mobility and posture.
Looking at the body as a whole to increase performance, restore strength and decrease pain. 
Sophia is our friendly, female chiropractor who cares for all ages from newborns to the young at heart.
  • Move better with Meadowsweet Chiropractic and feel better for life
  • Looking at the importance of posture and body positioning
  • Combining chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue treatments and also exercises alongside health and lifestyle advice
We have locations in Parkstone, Poole and Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire and booking an appointment is easy with our online system.

Meadowsweet Fun Facts

Meadowsweet has been used historically for a wide range of conditions, including: mild anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties

Why did we choose the name Meadowsweet?
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Treating the Cause, Not just the Symptoms

Through the use of our specific, gentle adjusting techniques, we’re able to help to create comfort, strength, and stability.

Chiropractic Pregnancy Care
Baby Chiropractic Care
Chiroprator for Back Pain
Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Knee, Ankle Pain
Chiropractic Care for Sciatica
Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines

Local Chiropractor near you in Parkstone, Poole and Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

jane burgessjane burgess
20:14 04 Sep 22
I found Meadowsweet Chiropractic after finding myself in a lot of pain from a build up of running niggles. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I needed to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist, but as it was my back and hips that were the problem, I decided on Chiropractic care. I am so glad I did !Sophia was very professional and made me feel immediately at ease. Even after my initial consultation, I felt a huge improvement afterwards. Only a few appointments later, my niggles were totally under control and I had an exercise/stretching plan to do at home for maintenance. I have no hesitation in recommending Sophia and Meadowsweet, she has been fantastic!
Barbara ProctorBarbara Proctor
13:28 08 Aug 22
I can't recommend Sophia highly enough. I began seeing her when I was suffering from an extremely painful case of Sciatica. Sophia approaches her work with professionalism and sensitivity (with some added humour when required!). Within one session, I was upright and, over the weeks, I'm pain free and mobile again. Thank you so much Sophia - I don't think I would have ever imagined I would actually look forward to visiting a Chiropractor!
Jill AllenJill Allen
10:03 07 Aug 22
Sophia has given me back my self respect.Sophia has skilfully corrected my poor posture. She has persuaded muscles which weren’t working into action, and softened up muscles which had become too tight. My walking is much improved.Sophia is dedicated to helping to correct physical problems. She works hard, and I have worked hard on my homework exercises because it’s great when she says you are doing well. The treatment sessions are always fun and entertaining, and 30 minutes passes quickly.Thank you, Sophia, for my now upright and less painful view of the world.
Heather ByattHeather Byatt
10:12 03 Jul 22
Very professional and helpful. I would 100% recommend. I am now pain free, move more freely and have better posture. I go for regular maintenance treatments now, which has made a big improvement to my overall health and happiness.
Graham SummersGraham Summers
14:22 22 Jun 22
I went to see Sophia some time ago with a back condition that had been with me for some years. Typical man I left it and thought it would go away!!! When it didn’t I thought it time to see someone about it. Sophia was brilliant in explaining and treating my condition, also explaining it in a way I understood. Sophia has also diagnosed another issue I have and treated that also!! All in all she is absolutely brilliant, thank you so much. Very much recommended.
Adam BakerAdam Baker
07:58 28 Jul 22
Really friendly service and has really helped sort my shoulder out. Would highly recommend!
Fewa lake PurjaFewa lake Purja
23:10 30 Jun 22
One day after B’Fast my back decided not to play at all, I couldn’t even bent over to pick up anything from the floor. During the next 2 days I was in pain and 2 of my friend help me cracking my back each day that help me a lot to ease pain. Then I start looking for chiropractic near me that works after 1700hrs. Finally after lots of phone call to different practitioners, this one managed to see me. After my first session I felt so much different and such a relief on my body. Also last 9 years I couldn’t sleep flat on my back coz of injury. But now nearly one month after seeing her I can finally sleep flat on my back without any problem.Very easy to approach, cheerful, friendly and she explains very well what’s going on your body. Just be careful about parking as there are hardly any car park near the house. I parked outside the house as there were no double yellow lines. Roads are quite narrow but it is manageable as there are cars parked on either side of the road. Definitely worked for me and this was my first time. Definitely will recommend to my family and friends.
Jenny HarmerJenny Harmer
14:38 17 Jun 22
Sophia came highly recommended and for us has proved a professional and skilled Chiropractor, competent and informative. She has a cheerful character and listens to what you want to gain from treatment. Therefore we would also highly recommend her effective treatment methods.
Anthony McdonaghAnthony Mcdonagh
11:36 29 Mar 22
Sophia is brilliant I have suffered for a very long time with back pain. After being to multiple chiropractors , physiotherapist doctors etc I have found Sophia . She is very thorough with the initial visit finding out the root of the problem , and working from there . On-top of this sophia is so kind and talks through everything in a way I could understand and went above and beyond to make me feel at ease .
Martin TurnerMartin Turner
08:00 05 Mar 22
I would definitely recommend. I was very impressed with there work that she did to help me with my back, she was also very helpful and Knowledgeable about what she does, she also explained it in a way that i understood so that it made it eaiser to do the exersies that she suggested at home. I am so so happy that I can move free 🙂 THANK YOU SOPHIA
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– Can often be due to many factors including stress, anxiety, diet and hydration levels.

– It can also be referred from other areas of the body

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